Solve Your Lawn Dilemmas With Outdoor Artificial Turf

Maintaining a lawn can be time-consuming with all the watering, weeding, and mowing. Instead of maintaining an inefficient lawn, many homeowners are going for artificial turf for their outdoor space. Below are lawn dilemmas faced by homeowners that can be solved by outdoor artificial turf grass.

Solve Your Lawn Dilemmas With Outdoor Artificial Turf

Lawn weeds

Weeds are garden pests that can reduce the aesthetic value of a lawn. They outcompete more desirable plants, and their roots can damage lawns and their root systems. A lawn can become infested with weeds from airborne seeds from birds, which often deposit weed seeds into the soil or through tools used for maintenance. Maintaining an area with weeds can be problematic as it needs to be maintained using herbicides, which have detrimental effects on the environment and human health when used regularly.

Bald spots on the Lawn

When a plant is kept continuously in direct sunlight and not receiving sufficient water or nutrients, the color of the leaf, and its overall health and vigor, will start to fade. If a lawn is infested with insects that periodically hide under the soil during daylight hours (as with cutworms), this can cause a white patch or bald spot on the grass.

Pest infection

Soil-borne bacteria can damage or weaken the grass. When a lawn is mowed, and the blade makes an incision, soil particles can enter the wound. These particles contain harmful fungal spores that may lead to various diseases in the grass. A common turf disease is clover yellow rust, which causes yellowing of the grass and stems caused by another soil-borne bacteria.

Unhealthy soil

Soil that lacks nutrients and proper drainage can be the cause of many lawn problems. Poorly draining soil will lead to the development of waterlogged soil that can inhibit root growth, which leads to a lack of nutrients.

Contact All American Turf Solutions to Solve Lawn Dilemmas

If you are interested in installing artificial grass to solve lawn dilemmas or landscaping or want to inquire about designing a landscape that fits your home and lifestyle, contact All American Turf Solutions. They provide indoor and outdoor artificial turf solutions for residential and commercial properties. Our Landscaping division can provide the design services, or you can build the project yourself. For more information, contact us today.

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