Benefits Of Getting Turf For Your Pets

Most people are familiar with the uses and maintenance of turf, but you might be wondering if having it installed will be ideal for your pets? What you should be asking is how much water you will save by having artificial turf in your yard because chances are you use gallons to water your lawn.

Benefits Of Getting Turf For Your Pets

Secondly, artificial grass has a porous backing made from either felt, latex, polyester, or polyethylene. What this means is that even though liquids can pass through the grass, the substrate underneath will help keep your pets’ urine and feces from getting trapped in the grass. Additionally, special-formulated turf is made with an antimicrobial surface to prevent the spread of bacteria from feces.

Benefits of Installing Pet Turf

There are numerous perks that come with having artificial turf installed. Today, modern technological advances have made artificial turf better by diffusing UV rays that give the “grass” a luster appearance that resembles natural grass. Additionally, an additive that infuses UV rays recreates natural grass’s appearance and texture and helps prevent the color from fading.

Therefore, you can rest assured that your backyard will not look “fake,” plus your pets will love how realistic and comfortable the turf feels on their fur coats. Cleaning is also a breeze. If you notice that the grass smells of animal pee, make equal parts of vinegar and water, which is an excellent non-toxic and natural deodorizer that’s safe for pets and rids your turf of bad smells. When there is hardened feces on the turf, you either purchase an artificial turf cleaner or loosen the waste by hosing it down.

Schedule A Turf Installation Estimate

If you are looking for a low-maintenance yard solution that’s not only pet-safe but also looks fresh all year round, then you need to contact All American Turf Solutions today to learn more about installing artificial turf for your pets. Modern pet turfs today are manufactured with urine drainage in mind, plus they’re toxin-free, require minimal maintenance, and look great throughout the year, all the while feeling like actual grass.

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