4 Reasons to Install Pet Turf in Your Back Yard Now

There are so many benefits to turf for a homeowner, but the benefits for a dog owner are often overlooked. Some people may even think that turf is not good for dogs, or they won’t do their business. Most dogs couldn’t care less, and you will love the benefits you get when you install pet turf.

4 Reasons to Install Pet Turf in Your Back Yard Now


Pet turf is cleaner in several ways, starting with the pet business. Urine will wash straight through the pet turf, while leftover feces can easily be washed away with a hose after clean up. Turf never gets muddy either, so there is no worry that your dog will carry a bunch of mud inside.

Fewer Pests

Potentially harmful pests like ticks and fleas can’t survive in turf, so they won’t bother finding their way into your yard. While they don’t pose as much of a threat as other bugs, this turf also keeps other pests like mice out of your yard since they don’t have places to hide.

No Digging

One of the greatest advantages of having pet turf in your backyard is that your dog can’t dig holes through it. If your dog is a digger, you know how frustrating it is to have to fill in hole after hole in your backyard. No holes mean less work and a safer backyard for you and your pet.

Less Maintenance

Having a dog with natural grass means even more maintenance than natural grass already requires. Not having to mow the lawn is only one benefit of pet turf. Dog waste will change the color of natural grass, leaving your yard looking yellow and spotty and dogs tearing around the yard leaves divots everywhere. The most you have to do is wash this turf down every once in a while if it doesn’t rain.

Gift Yourself Time

There are so many benefits to turf you are probably wondering how you could defend natural grass. Give yourself time and peace of mind by treating your pet to the turf. If you have any more questions about turf or if you are ready to make your and your pet’s life better, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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