Four Reasons to Use Turf for Your Putting Green

A golfer’s putting green is not just a holey ground — it’s a holy ground. Your putting green is your center, a meticulously laid place to perfect your stroke while immersing yourself in an eternal moment of utmost concentration and serenity.  Below are four reasons to design your perfect putting green with turf.

Four Reasons to Use Turf for Your Putting Green

Custom Design

Designed by two experts with over 10 years of professional golfing experience, All American Turf Solutions Designs turf putting greens are customized to seamlessly merge your vision and your space to create your dream green. Custom turf putting greens blend into your terrain and utilize tight spaces to create challenging turns and curves to hone your skills on.


Once you’ve mastered your putting green’s terrain, it’s relatively easy to modify it down the road with fresh new features such as a hill or sand trap. A turf putting green is an investment that offers years of entertainment.

Low Maintenance

Not many climates are suitable for maintaining a healthy natural green, especially in Texas. One of the biggest perks of a putting green is that it comes without the need for the constant maintenance required of a natural green, which is often a costly and labor-intensive endeavor subject to the will of the weather. The only work you’ll have to do is perfect your putt.

High Quality

All American Turf Solutions uses top-tier putting turf materials fully vetted by professionals in the field. Our turf imitates the traction and glide of a natural green, and we carefully select options that meet your needs. Our professionals will guide you through available products, including turf styles (such as bent grass, slit film, and fringe grass), tee options, and infill options (such as green-tinted sand and sand-silica mixtures).

If you’re a Dallas/Fort Worth homeowner or business owner ready to upgrade your golf game with a custom turf putting green, contact us today.

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