4 Benefits of Installing Pet Turf

Dogs enjoy being outdoors just as much as we do. However, they can attract annoying bugs while having some fun. Natural grass is an obstacle for them to face. There may be uneven patches and dangerous areas like ant holes that harm their well-being.  Installing pet turf is a much better option for your best friend.

4 Benefits of Installing Pet Turf

Prevents Skin Infections

The seeds of grass blades and burrs can get stuck in the soft paw pads or between the toes.  Burrs are spikey balls of plant-like material and quite painful. The debris causes a serious infection if not treated. Grass seeds are very sharp and bury under the skin. Luckily, artificial pet turf does not have any of these issues. 

Gets Rid of Flea and Tick Problems

Fleas and ticks are a nuisance, which invades the house. They also deeply irritate your pet’s skin and cause terrible diseases. Ticks engorge themselves on blood and make the dog lethargic. Fleas are easy to pick up when roughhousing or even walking around in sand. 

Synthetic grasses do not gather moisture and do not contain ticks as a result. It also does not attract vermin, such as rats, that spread these pests.

No Chemical Poisoning

Poison by chemicals is deadly. Have artificial turf installed and there is no use for pesticide and insecticide. These are bad for your health, so think what these can do to your dog. 

Avoid Allergic Episodes

Many furry pals suffer from being allergic to grass pollen and weeds. Some symptoms of these allergies are itchiness, rashes, sneezing, diarrhea and vomiting. Artificial grass does not contain allergic components and provides relief.

Get A Pet Turf Estimate

Contact All American Turf Solutions to learn about the best artificial turf for your dog’s health. This landscape will keep them just as happy and much healthier. 

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