Why Artificial Turf is Great for Playgrounds

Playgrounds are a great way to allow kids to play outside in a supervised space. Finding the right surface for a playground can be difficult. Grass gets muddy when it rains, mulch can be hard for young children to walk through, and other surfaces don’t last as long. Artificial turf offers an alternative to all of these by being low maintenance, well-draining, comfortable, and long-lasting. 

Low Maintenance

Traditional grass lawns require watering and trimming to keep up their appearance, but artificial turf looks great with no effort. A playground with turf is also a one-time purchase, no re-mulching or seeding is necessary. 

Weather Proof

Playground materials such as grass, dirt, and mulch get soggy and muddy after it rains. Artificial turf is great for playgrounds because it drains better than grass, keeping it mud and puddle free. In addition to withstanding the rain, artificial turf is also UV resistant, meaning it won’t fade quickly in the sun!


Mulch is uncomfortable for kids, grass aggravates allergies, and hard surfaces can cause injuries. Turf is soft, safe for kids, and comfortable. An artificial grass surface under playground equipment offers an extra layer of safety and comfort to any playground. 


Artificial turf is a long-lasting solution for playgrounds. In addition to its low maintenance benefits, turf can last around 10-20 years. Artificial turf’s durability makes it one of the most cost-effective options for lawns and playgrounds, as it looks as perfect as the day it was installed many years later. 


Artificial lawns are extremely customizable, offering many options for colors and textures. Playgrounds with artificial turf can have logos, unique colors, and games built directly into the turf. 

If you’re interested in adding artificial grass to your playground, contact us at All American Turf Solutions to see how we can help make your playground ideas a reality! 

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