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Servicing both commercial and residential customers, we design and install artificial turf surfaces for playgrounds, pet relief areas, high-traffic courtyards, shaded outdoor living areas, pool-adjacent lawns, outdoor dining areas, putting greens, sports fields, and more. We’re excited to share with you all the ways artificial turf can benefit your home or business. Take a look around our site and contact us today to learn more.


Enjoy a green, low-maintenance lawn all year long.


Enhance your golf game by installing a putting green.


Improve your commercial property’s curb appeal.


Synthetic Turf Solutions

Combining our 10+ years of professional golfing experience with our passion for creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces, we’ve focused our business on this fast-growing industry. Today’s advanced artificial turf products translate far beyond the traditional putting green or football field applications, though the advances in sports turf are just as impressive as the rest.

Why Choose Artificial Turf?

The ability to have evergreen exterior ground cover remains the top reason most choose synthetic turf.  This, coupled with the fact that it is virtually maintenance free – no mowing, no edging, no fertilizing – makes turf a smart investment.  Artificial turf is the solution to Mother’s Nature’s challenging relationship with natural grass.  Brutal sun?  No worry.  No sunshine to stimulate growth?  Not a problem.  Too cold? Too Hot?  Nope, not for artificial turf.  Got grass allergies? Not a problem when you’ve got turf! 

What’s more, thanks to the application of innovative scientific research, today’s turf is a true game changer.  You can find strategic infill options tailored to your intended use of the turf designed to bolster performance and longevity.  And options like antimicrobial infill agents and grass blade UV protection put modern turf on a whole new level.  Whether you’re already sold on turf or are mulling it over as an option, we’re here to provide the complete impressive 411 on modern artificial turf.

What Our Clients Say

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
All American Turf Solutions did an amazing job putting in turf and a putting green in my backyard. The quality, speed and service were all outstanding. The family is loving it. Highly recommend them if you’re looking to do turf.
Pete T.

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