We strive to offer you the best artificial turf options on the market and at an affordable price! Whether you are a landscaper who is looking to lay down synthetic grass for a job or a homeowner who is looking for an easy-to-keep-up-with lawn, we have the right turf for you.

Bermuda Series

The Bermuda Artificial Turf Series is a hybrid of olive and field green 3D CoolFlo yarn fibers that blend with green and brown thatch to give it the ultimate natural realistic artificial grass appearance.  CoolFlo equipped means the Bermuda Series is consistently up to 15 degrees cooler to the touch, making it exceptional for climates prone to hot weather. 

Coastal Blend Series

The Coastal Blend Series features a 3-Dimensional yarn blade which, when coupled with the field and apple green tones, provides the most versatility to the touch and appearance. Along with the visual appeal, the 3D yarn blade of the Coastal Blend is one of the softest turfs we offer.

Fescue Blend Series

Fescue Blend contains a dynamic mix of field and olive M / S / C blended shaped yarn blades to emulate the deepest color of green we offer. Mixed with the brown and green thatch, the Fescue Series stands out as one of the most realistic artificial turf products on the market. 

Glacier Blend Series

The Glacier Blend Series’ durable artificial grass is known for its plush field and apple 3D CoolFlo yarn. Modeled after the lush turf found in Iceland and Northern Canada, this artificial grass boasts a truly balanced green tone. It’s extremely enduring and has low sheen, making it ideal for any front, side, or back yard.

Mohave Blend Series

The Mohave Blend Series contains soft blades and rich field and olive toned yarn. With a dense face weight and a tall pile height, the Mohave Blend Series is ideal for any front yard that deserves a plush lawn.

The natural-looking, desert oasis inspired artificial grass comes with CoolFlo Technology, which will keep the turf 15 degrees cooler. Discover our amazing artificial grass that stays cool under heat and offers the perfect solution for those who plan to place it in a warm environment.

Natural Blend Series

Our Natural Blend Series is our realistic artificial Southwest turf. The natural look of this artificial grass is the same one that you may find on a properly maintained landscape in the desert. The Natural Blend Series is unlike anything that has been seen in the turf industry. By incorporating a brown colored CoolFlo yarn to the mix of field and olive-green tones, this is a true homegrown turf.

Sierra Blend Series

The Sierra Blend Series is our South Atlantic inspired turf. It boasts a unique blend of spring and emerald green CoolFlo yarn blades that deliver a hybrid appearance of rich dark and brightly saturated greens. Mixed with the brown and green thatch, the Sierra Blend Series stands out as one of the most dynamically authentic artificial South Atlantic turf products on the market.

Pacific Blend

The Pacific Blend Series is designed to replicate the resilient power and vibrant green coastal turf found on the Pacific coastline. This effect is achieved through the 3D CoolFLo two tone blend of field and olive-green yarn that are soft to the touch yet extremely durable underfoot, making this series a top choice for artificial Pacific Northwest inspired turf.